Macro Security in Excel VBA

You need to set up the macro security settings correctly to protect yourself against potential viruses. Make sure your macro security settings are set up correctly so that they may not create any harm to your computer.

To set up the macro security settings in Excel 2010 or Excel 2007, follow the below steps.

1. Click on Developer flight –> Click on Macro Security.

2. Here you have four options.

i. The first option will disable all macros
ii.The second option will always ask you to enable a macro
iii. The third option will only allow macros with a digital signature to run, and ask you to enable others
iv.The fourth option will enable all macros.

I recommend to use the second security level if we are downloading Excel files from the internet or unknown sources, more frequently. With this security level we can always disable the macro if we don’t trust the owner of the Excel file.

We can use the fourth security level only if you are creating the macros and testing them. With this security level we don’t have to always enable macros.

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