Welcome to www.pdexcel.com – become expert in excel – blog :-). I am Prassann, the author of www.pdexcel.com (The excel delight). I have been writing articles since 2014 on blogger.com’s blogspot. I have started this pdexcel site in 2018 to make it easily available for everyone. As there are many blogspot free sites, which get last priority on search rankings due to free domains.

I believe “Knowledge Grows When Shared”, so in my all posts, i intend to share information, tips, references that would help everyone. I am passionate about Excel and have been working on it daily since past 14 years. Till date, everyday i learn something new. On www.pdexcel.com i share my notes on excel which can be used by everyone on their day to day work.

Excel is an important part of every back office, BPO or KPO companies. While Excel has a vast stream of usability, few basic things can be learnt to help users become professional and solve complex problems to grow in their roles.

The main motivation to start this website was, i lost all my excel vba tricks and few automated tools on one of my hard disk crash incident and i was not able to recover the data. While during writing the articles, i saw i was helping many in my closed cirle. At that time i decided to make this blog public and started www.pdexcel.com.

Independence or Freedom is a essential part of a writing articles.

Do you use excel on regular basis ?
Do you struggle to complete tasks in excel ?
Do you keep asking others help, for very basic things in excel ?
Do you keep asking God, why excel was born 🙂 ?

If you are nodding your head as YES to most of the above questions, then you have landed on the right page !

I am here to help all those who struggle to use excel starting from basics to advanced usage.

What you should expect from this blog:
1. Short notes and tricks to solve excel based problems
2. Using Excel shortcuts and formulas to execute complex tasks
3. Using VBA functions to automate multiple tasks
4. Using Excel to create complete automated solutions
5. Using Excel to create interactive dashboards
6. Using Excel VBA to analyse data
7. Using Excel as a database
8. Using Excel to upload data to SQL or MS ACCESS databases
9. Using Excel for various simulations

…… And much more which is not in the above list as the list will be never ending 🙂

So click on Blog section and enjoy the articles.